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Global online purchases made easy.

With AjoMoney virtual dollar and naira card, you can make payment online without limitations.

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Naira and dollar virtual card services has been suspended.

Kindly check out some of our other products. We make it possible for you to do ajo and esusu online.

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Get your dollar cards at no cost. No maintenance fee or charges.

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Transact without worries, our cards are supported on almost every stores.

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Top up your virtual cards with credits from AjoMoney to shop now and pay later.

Here’s Aisha

Paying international subscriptions has been a headache for Aisha

Aisha opted in for the AjoMoney virtual dollar card, now she has no worries of USD limit in Nigeria to pay her for her foreign utility bills.

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Become financially free and included when you build credit through flexible savings such as rotating group savings and thrift contribution with collective investment.


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