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We’re dedicated to helping you do more with your income

AjoKolo - Personal Savings

Enjoy an 8% percent interest when you save in your dedicated AjoKolo savings account. AjoMoney allows you to grow your money and reach your saving goals

AjoGroups - Esusu, Ajo, Or Adashe

Save in groups with AjoMoney’s Group feature. AjoMoney ensures that every member of your group savings makes payments at the right time

AjoPay - Shop-Now-Pay-Later

Enjoy deferred payments when you shop with any AjoMoney merchant. Shop the urgent purchase now and pay back at a later time

Financial freedom with Ajomoney

AjoMoney understands just how tough it can be to meet up with responsibilities and bills at the right time. We provide several services that make your little go a long way. Begin your financial journey with AjoMoney today

Meet the Family; Say Hi to Our All-Star Team

AjoMoney has put together a team of skilled and passionate professionals. We're skilled, enthusiastic, and great at what we do. Our team of professionals cut across various sectors. We're inclusive, diverse, and dedicated to helping you