The Feature for Lone Wolves

Turn your mobile phone into a piggy bank with AjoMoney. Not only can you create a locked safe or kolo, you can also enjoy amazing interest rates and watch your money grow.

Get the free AjoMoney app on your phone:
Digitized piggy bank at your fingertips

AjoMoney offers a secure and digitized safe available 24/7. Reach your saving goals faster than ever.

12% annual interest

Enjoy a 12% bonus on every kolo you create

Optional safe-lock and auto-save features

Not only can AjoMoney automatically save for you, but you can also lock up your savings to ensure disciplined saving.

How It Works

Sign up with AjoMoney

Input personal data. Don't worry, it's perfectly safe!

Create a Kolo

Navigate to My Kolo icon on your dashboard

Define your Kolo

Fill in a Savings Objective, a break date, and a target amount

Top up your wallet

Fund your AjoMoney wallet by linking your debit card to your account or by making a transfer directly to your special AjoMoney account.