Collectively save, invest and access interest-free credit.

A digital platform that digitizes the centuries-aged ROSCA (ajo/esusu/adashe) to help you save money, make early investment and access credit to buy now pay later, simply at no-interest.

Financial Inclusion

Built for Everyone

For Consumers

Become financially free with flexible savings such as ajo/esusu saving and thrift contribution with interest free credit to buy now pay later.

For Businesses

Sell to AjoMoney consumers and your existing customers, offer buy now pay later and also access ROSCA credit to grow your business.

For Cooperatives

Turn your cooperative to a neo-bank, grow when you help your members grow with improved, thrift savings and loan management.

For Agents

Make money as an agent when you help people sign-up, perform thrift contribution and access credit. Help the unbanked become banked.

For Consumers

Save and Spend Smarter

Ajo or Esusu Savings

Save money online with your friends, family and even people you do t know. Rotate the contribution weekly or monthly and a user gets the lump weekly or monthly.

Kolo - Personal Savings

Turn your mobile phone into a piggy bank with AjoMoney. Not only can you create a locked safe or kolo, but you can also enjoy amazing interest rates and watch your money grow.

Buy Now Pay Later

What if you didn’t have to wait till you could afford that urgent purchase to get it? With AjoMoney, anything is possible.

Pay & Get Paid

As you save and spend, flexibly move your money to and fro your bank account. Send or receive money from any one in Nigeria. Fund your AjoPay wallet to perform free bank transfers.

Pay Utility Bills

Earn cash backs when you conveniently buy airtime, data and pay for your electricity, cable tv, internet services and insurance on AjoMoney app.