Making Dreams
Come True

We believe that if you can afford something later, you should be able to get it now. Manage or join a rotating savings group today to become financially inclusive.


Ajo-Esusu Digitized For All

You can never know when unexpected expenses will come. AjoMoney makes it easy for you to be ready with funds even before you can afford it.


Group Saving (Ajo)

We have taken the well-known Ajo system, improved it, eliminated the risks, and made it technological. Even better? We’ve made it available to everyone.


Personal Saving (Kolo)

Welcome to AjoMoney’s personal saving feature, Ajo Kolo. With this feature, you can turn your app into your personal kolo, piggy bank, saving box, or whatever you call it!


Utility Bills Payment

With the Utility Bill Payments Feature, you can buy airtime, internet data and pay your utility bills through the AjoMoney App. AjoMoney makes it fast, reliable, and efficient.


Access Money Ahead of Needs

Peer to peer saving and lending

Everyone taking a loan thought they could afford to pay it back until they got hit by a high-interest rate. AjoMoney makes it possible for peers in a group to put money together rotate the collection of the lump sum contribution weekly or monthly among members.


Don’t just take our words

Ajo User

Gem Adeyinka

Before AjoMoney, saving was not so easy. Even after saving, I had to take it out because I could not pretend not to have money when needs came up.

Kolo User

Kevin Vantus

Awesome app with beautiful and intuitive UI. Getting a 10% total interest rate on my MONTHLY savings is super attractive.

Ajo User

Precious Diedemise

I really love the features on the app, especially the Ajo savings, I was able to withdraw my money on time. Kudos to the team👍