How It Works


Let's show you how to find your way

Here is a guide on some points you need to note to easily navigate and utilize some of the functionalities on AjoMoney.

To get started with AjoMoney, you need to install the app from the google playstore or apple appstore. Then you proceed to register, upon successful registration, you can login to your account and complete all the required verifications i.e phone, email, picture, BVN, identity, card connection and bank account connection.

We have two types of Ajo groups, the private (created by a user on the app) and public group (created by the ajomoney administrator. To join a private, you need to be invited by the admin i.e you must have been given the group ID by the admin to join the group. For the public Ajo group, you can always see them featured on the app home page and you can choose the one that you can afford to be a part of.

You can create an Ajo group by clicking the plus icon button on the Ajo page, you will be able to provide a title, description, amount, schedule, limit and also pick an ajo slot number. Once created, you will be required to invite people to your group yourself.

By visiting an Ajo group details page, you can always leave the group before the admin launches savings.

Once an Ajo group has been launched by the admin, you can always see your payment deadlines from the contributions tab. You can always click on the pay now button in front of each deadlines to pay directly from your AjoMoney wallet.

Once it is your withdrawal turn date, you can always visit the withdrawal tab on the group page and click the button to withdraw your contribution to your Ajowallet, which from there you can be able to send it to your bank account.

Kolo allows you to save alone and watch it grow monthly at 10% - 12% per annum interest rate. Visit the Kolo page and click the plus icon to create your kolo. Provide the kolo objective, break date (when you planned to break it). You also have the option to enable autocharge for your Kolo by providing the amount you will like to be autocharged for saving in the Kolo maybe daily, weekly or monthly.