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Are you a member of a cooperative society or planning to join one? get started on AjoMoney.

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Your cooperative memberships at your fingertip.

We help to improve the transparency of your cooperative society by giving you access to join and manage your account from our platform.

Flexible onboarding

Join a publicly listed cooperative society via search or a privately listed cooperative society via invitation.


Easily manage your contributions on the go, track all your savings in your cooperative society and make manual payment easily from AjoWallet.

Loans & withdrawals

Request a loan from your cooperative through AjoMoney, repay and also withdraw to your AjoWallet with zero hassles.

Here’s Madam Justina

She now manages her office cooperative account on AjoMoney.

Following up on how are contributions are being deducted from her salary and confirmation on the status of her loan has been a challenge for Madam Justina, she introduces her office cooperative society to leverage on AjoMoney platform so that she can manage her account on AjoMoney app. Now she’s happy and feel safe.

Invite your Cooperative to AjoMoney.

Are you a member or an administrator of a cooperative society? Digitize your process at no technology development cost by making it possible for your members to manage their account from AjoMoney.

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Become financially free and included when you build credit through flexible savings such as rotating group savings and thrift contribution with collective investment.


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