The Feature for Friends and Family

Enjoy digitalized Ajo savings with AjoGroups. With customizable saving plans and special benefits for group leaders, raising capital has never been easier.

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Digitalized Ajo/ Esusu/ Adashe

AjoMoney’s digitalized group savings erases the usual hassles that come with local Ajo/ Esusu/ Adashe savings.

Join a communitiy of savers

Nothing motivates you more to save than a saving buddy. With group savings, you can have even more support

Reach your saving goals faster

With a saving group, savings goals are much easier to reach without putting any financial strain on your pocket.

Here’s Ibrahim. He urgently needs to raise #50,000.

Ibrahim creates a group of 5 people who contribute 10,000 monthly. He takes the number one spot and has #50,000 in mere hours! What’s better? He gets to pay back just #10,000 every month!

How It Works