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If you can save up for it later, with AjoMoney, you can buy it now and pay in 4-installments.

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We make it possible for you to shop for all you need from your favourite stores and payback weekly in four-installment.

Interest free

Repay at zero-percent interest rate when you shop online.

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As a creditworthy AjoMoney, you get instant approval to buy now and pay later from our partners at any store.

Multiple channels

You can checkout directly on the merchant card payment by using AjoMoney virtual card credit for your purchase on checkout through AjoMoney gateway.

Here’s Amina

She now shops and pays later on AliExpress with AjoMoney

Amina does order bags from Aliexpress and resell them to her customers in Nigeria, with AjoMoney buy now pay later, she’s able to get credit to pay in installment and balance the payment as her customers started placing orders.

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