Boost Ajo Score


You can easily increase your savings limit by boosting your Ajo score.

To boost your Ajo score, kindly send your recent three (3) months bank statement to using the email address you used to signup on Ajo.

Your Ajo score will be awarded base on the strength of the bank account. You will be awarded a high Ajo score if you always have enough fund in that account at the end of each month and how often you get credit in the bank account statement sent. Your score will be low if your bank statement does not have a stable transaction and sufficient balance record at the end of each month (we might choose to reject the statement).

You Ajo score multiply by 250 is the total amount you are permitted to save in a group. Example is, an Ajo score of 20 has a limit of 20 x 250 = ₦5,000.